Woman Can Get Vaginal Infections Through Bacteria In A Man’s Genitals 

Woman Can Get Vaginal Infections Through Bacteria In A Man’s Genitals 

The occurrence of bacteria and other microbes in one’s genitals, regardless of gender, is normal. These microorganisms can sometimes be helpful for our wellbeing, but they were not kept at limits, it could be harmful too.
New research found that bacteria that thrive in a man’s penis can disrupt the health of the vagina of his partner. The study has also revealed that 1 out of 5 women in the world are infected by Bacterial Vaginosis, which is shortly known as BV.

When a woman gets infected by BV, She’s open to contracting sexual diseases and can get issues related to pregnancy. The researchers took 168 couples from Kenya, where most of the BV patients are recorded. These women were taken for tests to continue the research. These tests confirmed that if a woman is with a man with the bacteria of BV, she will also get it soon. Within 12 months as per researchers.


Supriya Mehta, the head of the study, said that with tests, they could predict if a woman can get BV or not even if she’s not a victim at present. She also added that keeping the bacteria in check in a male’s body can reduce female victims and increase good medical results.

The medical team reported that frequent exposure to the bacteria could disturb the microbe balance of a vagina leading it to risk the infection, indirectly and unknowingly. Not only having intercourse but also vaginal douching can invite BV in. There is more than 1 step to prevent and treat the disease.


BV doesn’t show symptoms. But can course odor, discharge, and irritation in the vagina. As said earlier, a woman can be at risk of pregnancy issues alongside STD’s. They can vary from HIV to chlamydia to Herpes simplex virus.

The disease can be handled with antibiotics, but 50% of the time, it will be back within a few months. So, more proper treating methods are being researched. Such as treating the source and bio-therapeutic methods. Treating for men can be of high cost and also still unclear.

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Dr. Lisa Rahangadale, from a university in North Carolina, suggested that more studies be carried out. The study’s results were released to Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology journal.

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