United States Squirrels Have The Bubonic Plague

United States Squirrels Have The Bubonic Plague

The bacteria Yersinia pestis shakes out the Bubonic plague. It started in China in 1334 and ended up taking 25 million lives all around the world. In the course of the Great plague of London between 1665 and 1666, 70,000 lives were lost.

Scientists have checked a squirrel caught from the Morrison, for any indication of the infection. Its results have verified the disease in the squirrel.

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It’s the first case of bubonic plague recorded in this area — says the health specialists in their statement.
If proper measures were taken, the risk of spreading among humans is low. Mostly by fleas or animal bites, one could get contaminated. Signs of the disease contain sudden onset of increased body temperature, chills, agonizing pain with lymph nodes swelling, headache and nausea. These symptoms make it known within the initial week of contacting the germ.

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Pet owners are informed to get their animals inspected by a veterinarian for the illness. Cats are extremely vulnerable to the germ while dogs are more immune. Both can act as carriers of the bacteria. They can get the touch of disease by fleas or getting scraped/bitten by an infected animal. Therefore, it’s mandatory to control fleas. Experts of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US (CDC) have issued a list of necessary steps to take to shield against the plague. These consist of not touching or feeding stray animals, stopping any accesses of stray animals indoors, making sure the waste materials are removed properly, and taking necessary protective methods while handling sick/dead animals.

feeding stray animals

CDC reassures people not to panic because only seven people get recorded positive for this plague on an annual average. The recovery rate is constant at around 8-10%. This disease doesn’t have an actual cure. If the symptoms were identified in 24 hours, it can be nursed with antibiotics.

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