The Tortoise with two heads turned 23 

The Tortoise with two heads turned 23 

Two-headed animals are rare. In fact, they are extraordinary. Janus, the Tortoise with two heads, is believed to be the oldest among her kind.

Janus was born on 1997 3rd September and is a Greek tortoise. It was bred in captivity by placing an egg in an incubator. Her home is the National History Museum in Switzerland, Geneva.

Because Janus has two heads, it was given its name derived by a mythical Greek god who also said to have two heads. Now, Janus is the lucky charm of the museum. She is attracting many visitors from all around the world, the mascot of the museum.

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Typically, abnormal conditions such as having two heads, only give a limited life to any animal, but, this Tortoise seems to be exceptional. She also gets unique treatments from the museum. Janus gets baths daily and tasty treats by them.

Angelica, the caretaker of the Tortoise, takes her to the rooftop.

It’s made especially for Janus with grass. She gets to absorb heat from the sun and to have some exercises. However, that doesn’t happen every day, only if the weather looks fine with good sunshine. Angelica is the carer of Janus for seven years now.

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Her abnormal physique makes her very delicate, so, she should not be deprived of the necessary things that she needs to live healthily. These things include her getting UV every week and baths every day. Her diet is also planned in a way that suits her with tomatoes and lettuce added. And, especially, Janus is not allowed to mate due to her deformity.

For an animal like Janus to live happily and healthy, and to live longer, following these steps are mandatory.

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To assist it, yesterday, 11th August, Janus was transferred to a newly made hutch. Her old place next to the cafeteria is getting unsuitable for her to live.

The officer who was in charge of the transfer was Pierre Heizmann. He explained EN24 NEWS that the to remove her getting exposed to thermal loads.

And this new home will be her birthday present for her 23rd birthday!

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