Star Signs Changed – NASA Explains Why

Star Signs Changed - NASA Explains Why

Most of us have star symbols. Exceeding 3000 years starting from Babylonian’s discovery, people have believed in zodiac signs.

NASA has done history research on this discovery and found out that Babylonian people initially listed 13-star patterns in the zodiac system instead of 12. But OH! There are only 12 months in their calendar. So, they simply pressed delete on one sign. That is Ophiuchus.

All Constellations

NASA — Space Investigation Center, strongly disagree with this mythology of ”stars’ involvement in our lives.” So, they have explained the science behind it.

There are around 3000 years of difference between today and the day the ancient people discovered these patterns. Since then, the North Pole of the earth (axis) has altered with time. It does not stand in the exact location it was 3000 years ago.

Star Filled night

The science of these patterns has a figment straight line. It begins from our planet cutting through the sun to the boundless space far off our galaxy. When the earth moves around the sun, the built-up line denotes constellations, one by one. So, earlier, when a birth happened at the time between November 22nd and December 21st, the baby was given the sign of Sagittarius. But, now it’s changed with the change of the earth’s axis.NASA Blog

Also, these star patterns are not of the same size or shape. The time spent by the sun facing one sign is different from the next. But, since these historical Babylonians wanted to align their calendar, they took no notice of these anomalies.NASA Blog


So, apparently what we knew and believed about these zodiac signs were a complete lie. One sign was entirely forgotten and the change of the earth’s axis has changed the whole theory.


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