Check The Following Signs To Know Whether You Are A Sapiosexual

Check The Following Signs To Know Whether You Are A Sapiosexual

A sapiosexual is someone who gets attracted to intelligence. We have listed 5 signs that will confirm if you’re one.

#1 When someone uses proper grammar, you get excited

Most of the time, a man fishes a woman using corny pickup lines. But if you’re a sapiosexual, you will find yourself getting moved by well-educated guys. You get bubbly when he talks proper English while discussing things like business and financial matters and even things that happen around the world.

#2 Arguments you have with your partner will be about rational things

You and your partner will be arguing each other over intelligent matters. Even though couples normally fight over silly things, you two will oppose each other in knowledge battles.


#3 Empathy is at the top of your list

You will always be touched by others when they can understand feelings and respond relevantly. You get aroused when someone is ”an emotional smartass.”

#4 You choose books over beer

Actually, I used this as a metaphor to emphasize that you care about what you do with someone. You will choose to spend your time at something more educational over dancing drunk at a party. Also, if you’re a sapiosexual you will put your thoughts into who you’re spending your time with too.

Rabbit with a book Anna Shvets

#5 Analytical debates? Oh, sexy!

You will find pleasure in debating one another about philosophical topics. But, these word fights will be covered with love and respect for the other person.

Science explains a sapiosexual as a person who finds all types of intelligence attractive. If you’re one, your love for knowledge tops everything else. You will surround yourself with people who will feed you facts. If you’re a sapiosexual, there will be no worries even if you build up a massive crush on a professor.

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