This Is How You Ruin Your Relationship Via Texts

This Is How You Ruin Your Relationship Via Texts

Sending text messages has become one of the main things we do with our phones. Even more than calling someone, texting has become more famous with the development of new and easy online apps. We send messages for many reasons. It could be for professional work, to share quick information, or communicate with friends and family but, what is more popular is, communicating with our partners. These chats could go on for hours and will sometimes end in tears.

There are 5 ways which we ruin our relationships through texts. It’s better to be knowledgeable in these than ruining your relationships. So we thought of helping you to understand how you kill your affairs with text messages. Keep on reading, and we guarantee your valuable relationship will be safe for a lot longer.


Level 01: Attention seeking

Phones can connect us to anyone and everyone in such a speedy manner. Majority of us are addicted to scrolling through our phones, surfing on social platforms. Being connected to our loved ones is good. But, it also has its downsides. We feel like people we love should always give us attention. Not only friends and family but also, the significant other. So we keep seeking attention sometimes, disturbing their work and career. Being connected is one thing and annoying the person to get attention is another. This is one of the main ways that you will force your partner to feel like moving away from the affair. So this point should be highlighted, and you should try to minimize seeking attention unnecessarily, mainly through texts, if you want to continue a happy and healthy relationship.

Level 02: Feeling ignored

When we taught ourselves to keep texting someone all the time, we tend to feel ignored when we aren’t ” talking”. Maybe we were texting all day, and he/she suddenly had to attend something else for an extended time than we would like. It’s normal for people to feel that they deserve the other one’s time. That’s actually true. Being in a relationship, you do deserve each other’s time but remember, NOT ALL THE TIME. This might sound rough but, believe us, if the other person felt like they have to spare you always time and there is no time for them to put their minds into something else without getting disturbed by you, it’s terrible. Don’t be clingy. Just like how you deserve their time, they deserve time for them too. After all, it’s their own time we are talking about. If they do feel like you’re a disturbance in their lives, they will doubt if the relationship is even worth it. So try to avoid this as much as you can and be matured to understand that other people have other work too.


Level 03: You’re addicted to the phone

With huge improvements in technology, nowadays people can’t take their hands and eyes out of their mobile phones. Wherever you go, Whichever direction you scan your eyes, you will see that 8 out of 10 people are on their phones. So when you are always using your phone, it’s normal you will seek someone to spend time with. You will be sending messages to others to see if they are available. Sometimes it will be unnecessary and you might be disturbing someone. It’s really ill-full to your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend and even with friends. Sometimes, you become good at communicating through physical devices than actually doing it when you meet them. You will become a socially awkward person. So if you can tear yourself from your phones and other devices and do something more valuable, Then you’re on the right track to save your relationship. Maybe meet up with your partner and spend some time together instead of texting all day all night. The lesson to learn from this point: Time spent together worth more than the time you spend texting each other.


Level 04: Trying to get more out of texts

There are so many texting patterns that we have developed. Using shortened word forms, using emojis, signs, stickers and other things all have different meanings at different times. It even differs from person to person making it even more complicated. Sometimes, a simple little emoji that was sent by the person on the other end can make us sad and hurt. Sometimes, these things leave us questioning why they sent us this and that? Why did they type the whole word without shortening it? Why did they send the message with all capital letters and does that mean they are angry at us? So on and so forth. So when both participants are trying to create meaning out of a text message, expecting to receive more from a text that it can deliver, we distant ourself from the other without being realized by either. The rumour is that text messages make us more closely connected but, at the end of the day, people have grown further apart. At the end of the day, what had happened is the exact opposite of what we thought will happen. So trying to get intimate through texts is another thing that will forever harm your relationships.

Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Level 05: Trying to solve problems through texts

Fighting over texts are bad. Bad in the sense, it’s like walking straight into a trap knowing full well that it is there. If you want to fight, have an argument, solve a problem, the go do it face to face. Fighting, arguing and doing other problem solving through texts are very unhealthy for a relationship because you can interpret things in the worst possible way. And, the results don’t worth it. Most of the time, we imagine the tone or the voice of the person who has sent us the message trying to realize their moods. There is a heavily big percentage rate where we could imagine things wrong. Arguing over phones doesn’t worth it. Go discuss things live and face to face if you want to solve the problem instead of making things worse. Because that way, miscommunication decreases heavily and wrong text or emoji won’t exist in the real world. So, if you don’t want the virtual world to put a full stop on your relationship, do things being in the real world.

Remember the real world is much better than the built-up virtual world set up through/by phones. Minimize above 5 facts and you’ll see how your relationship flourishes like an oasis.

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