Still Recovering, Simon Cowell, Won’t Appear On AGT Live Shows For Sometime 

Still Recovering, Simon Cowell, Won't Appear On AGT Live Shows For Sometime 

The most famous and talented judge on board of America’s Got Talent TV show, Simon Cowell, will not make an appearance on the upcoming live shows of its season number 15.

Simon Cowell was trying his latest electric bike when he faced an unfortunate incident. He fell out of the vehicle and landed on his back, Wrecking his spine. The accident happened at his Californian home last Saturday. He was given medical assistance immediately, and Simon had to go through 5 hours of long back surgery.
Due to this accident, which happened a few days in advance of America’s Got Talent’s initial live show of the season, Cowell will be skipping the next two lives until he fully recovers.
These live shows were planned to fall on the 11th and 12th of August, and they will go forward without one judge. Luckily, it has been reported that Cowell is pulling through just fine. He’s now resting at his home.
Sources had informed the public that Simon Cowell is okay and that the doctors had to put a metal bar and have fusions to make his back function again. And, they also had included that even though, Cowell landed on a pretty lousy injury, now he’s doing okay after the surgery.
Simon also reached people and his fans, leaving a Twitter post, thanks for their support. He did not forget to add a warning message to his fans about using electric bikes.

The show had to stop its work due to the recent pandemic, and they started again in the later parts of June with some new altercations, including a new outdoor venue. The judging board will also be comprised of new judges. Let’s hope Simon Cowell will recover fast to resume his place on his seat.

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