Sam Coonrod, Baseball Player, Rejects Kneeling For Black Lives Matter

Sam Coonrod, Baseball Player, Rejects Kneeling For Black Lives Matter Because Of His Religion.

There was a ” Black Lives Matter” movement at a baseball match on July 24th. This match was between San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers.
This was an act to show support towards the BLM movement and to change the injustices. Major League Baseball (MLB) has also approved it by posting a Twitter message.

Sam Coonrod, the pitcher of the San Francisco Giants, was the first and only person to step back from it. When all his friends were kneeling on the ground holding a black ribbon pledging their support to BLM, Sam stayed standing.

Sam Coonrod
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He rationalized his actions saying he did what he did because of his religion. TMZ Sports reported that the 27 years old player, Sam Coonrod, rejected kneeling because he is a Christian and would not kneel in front of anyone or anything other than God. He also added that if he did kneel, he would have felt like a hypocrite.Coonrod sayingsCoonrod sayingsAccording to the player, the BLM movement’s past as Marxists backed up his decision. (Founders of the BLM movement had called themselves ”Trained Marxists”) — Sports Illustrated said.

His action was strongly disapproved by everybody, even though Gabe Kepler, the manager of the team, isn’t holding any grudges against him or his actions. Gabe has also expressed his thoughts to Sports Illustrated saying the decision is purely his personal feelings. He went on saying that it doesn’t affect anything whether they stand or kneel.

Except for this player, Sam Coonrod, every other player was gathered as one at the movement to show their support, and it was great seeing everybody united.

BLM Movement
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