Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Plant Used Tea Bags

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Plant Used Tea Bags

Having a warm tea at the end of the day is a nice way to relax. What do we do with the tea bags after? We just toss them away. But, did you know what good you can do, if you bury them in your garden instead? Here are the 10 reasons why!

#1 Teabags decay into the soil.

Teabags of the UK are mostly made up of the fiber in banana stalks. As per the UK Tea & Infusions Association, within 6 months the tea bags will decay completely. So will the small plastic particles in them.


#2 Tea feeds the soil with essential nutrients.

According to the Gardening Cook, tea leaves have tannic acid and many other nutrients that fertilize the soil. This will make your garden a nutrient-rich place for plants.

Rich soil

#3 It helps control the garden bugs.

The smell created by the tea and coffee grounds chases away garden bugs.

Garden bugs

#4 Helps to decay other waste.

The acid created by tea will help break other waste in your compost bin sooner so that you can use it faster.


#5 Cats will stay away from plants.

Earth911 has mentioned spreading tea and coffee remains in your garden keep cats away from plants. They highly despise that smell.

Cat in garden

#6 Tea holds the soil’s moisture intact.

Having water around the soil of a plant is essential to keep the plant growing. Teabags will help keep the plants moisturized.

#7 It will control weeds.

When you bury teabags in your garden, it’s like having a personal weeder in your garden. No more weeding jobs for you!


#8 Tea maintains excess waste.

Tea remnants in your compost pile and garden will increase the speed of decaying with the acids it creates.


#9 Useful for seed germination.

Place some teabags along with paper towels in a plastic or wooden tray, and place seeds and water them. You will have your own plant nursery in no time. – Kiwi Conservation Club.

Plant nursery

#10 It’s food for ground worms.

Tea leaves are good-food for worms. They can produce more nutrients when they eat tea leaves. — says VeggieGardener.

Ground worms
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