The Picture Of Black Panther – Leopard Couple Goes Viral

The Picture Of Black Panther – Leopard Goes Viral

Normally and Naturally, the same species get attracted to each other. Just like how a human only mates with another human, in the animal kingdom too, most of the time, that’s the rule.

But sometimes, in the majestic animal kingdom, exceptions happen. Their soulmates can even come from another species. Just like Cleopatra and Saaya. Saaya is the proud black panther, the male of the couple, and Cleopatra is the female of the duo, a leopard. Kabini jungle in India, Karnataka is their home.


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The Eternal Couple . Saaya and Cleopatra have been courting since 4 years now and whenever they are together it’s a sight to behold. The forest comes alive as they trot nonchalantly in his fabled kingdom. Usually in the courting pairs generally it is the Male who takes charge and moves around with the female following close behind. But with this couple it was definitely Cleo who was in charge while the Panther followed. . This was shot on a surreal winter morning when a single Deer alarm led me to this breathtaking sight. . #kabini #love #leopard #nikon #wild #Natgeo #mithunhphotography #instagood #instadaily #jungle #bigcat #forest #wildlifephotography #nature #wildlife #blackpanther #melanistic #therealblackpanther #thebisonresort

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The sleek black beast was seen together with the spotted cat, Cleopatra, for over four years in this jungle. They are bonded as mates for their lives. They were spotted a few times and are famous among people for their infamous relationship. But, seeing them together happens only once in a blue moon.

Mithun H, the lucky photographer had successfully taken pictures of these two but, those were always individual photographs. This was his very first time capturing them both as a couple.

According to Mithun, on the morning of the winter, a deer was the bait that led him to the couple. After capturing the photograph that’s worth a fortune, he uploaded it on his Instagram account, gaining hundreds of thousands of likes and overflowing comments.

Mithun wrote below his post that most of the time, it’s the male of the couple that leads and take control. But, in this panther — leopard family, Cleo the leopard girl is the one that looks to be in control.Caption of Mithun

Their beauty looks out of the world. This Kabini jungle is the home to many beautiful and amazing sights like this. And, this one surely is a sight that holds our memory.

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