A Person Saves A 10 Years Old Goldfish From Death 

A Person Saves A 10 Years Old Goldfish From Death 

A TikTok video about a 10 years old goldfish was uploaded by Lacey Scott (known as @heretherebesculpture on TikTok). It shows how she tends to the fish and saved his life from death.
Monstro, as she named it, was returned to a pet shop by a previous owner claiming it is sick. It couldn’t move and as a result, it had lesions on its stomach. This was because it was used to lying in the same place.

@heretherebesculpturesThe one where you accidentally become a goldfish keeper. Meet Monstro 🖤 ##rescue ##inspirational ##goldfish ##rescuepet ##fish ##recovery♬ Inspirational Piano – AShamaluevMusic

When Lacey treated it with proper care, Monstro, the big old fish recovered. The black-ish blue color of its body slowly receded to reveal beautiful orange. The process of recovery was clearly shown in the TikTok video Lacey posted. This video went viral earning 5.9 million views and millions of people liked it.

MonstroMonstro’s new owner shared her experience at an interview, revealing how she treated this fish backs to life. She had put him in aquarium salt-added water and had cleaned the tank’s water daily.

MonstroShe had regularly fed him with pallets, green leaves, blanched veggies and duckweed.
She fondly reminiscences Monstro’s funny activities, such as how he does backflips, flicks its tail making water overflow out of the tank. According to Lacey, Monstro is an attention seeker.


She’s so happy that she was able to make this decade-old goldfish healthy again. How it changed its dark blue color to a glittery orange is remarkable.

MonstroAlthough initially Lacey thought of sending Monstro to one of her friends when it recovers, she didn’t because she fell in love with it and its funny activities.

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