Five People Injured At Ware State Prison Commotion 

Five People Injured At Ware State Prison Commotion 

A major commotion happened at the US prison was ended up giving minor wounds to 2 prison officers and 3 prisoners.

Some prisoners have lit a golf cart and many prison windows were broken down. The officers had to make use of non-deadly shots to contain the break out under control. The incident started somewhere around 10.45 pm on a Saturday night. This went on for more than 2 hours and the officers finally succeeded in taking it under their command by 1 am the next day.

The prison is situated in Waycross, the US and no other damage other than few broken windows were recoded. Still, the cause of the disturbance is not clearly identified yet. The officers in charge acted on locking down the prison as soon as the problem was brought under control. Department of correction in Georgia (GDC) confirmed the news on 2 officers and 3 prisoners getting non-critical injuries.
There were a few videos that were broadcasted showing to be about the commotion. Its believed that they were captured by the imprisoned people.

Even though, the GDC reported a few minor wounds the videos released looked to be of the complete opposite. One of such showed a group of prisoners cleaning one of the mates who was covered in blood, apparently, injured by a gunshot. Another one showed 2 injured prisoners that were getting treated by others.

2 other video clips were showing how the fire was spread on the prison ground and prisoners walking and running around the prison-like no curfew was set on.
All the videos were of the opposite of what prison officers said to the media. Lockdown, non-critical injuries all get big question marks after the spread of these videos. Georgia’s departments of corrections haven’t replied to any of the questions that were put forward by media regarding the videos.

An official of human/civil rights Coalition of Georgia, Corey Jackson, Said that the prison officers locked the entire prison down when a prisoner died. That was 2 or 3 weeks ago. So for that whole period, the prison was locked down.

The victim was namely Robert Wilson. He had received injuries when he got into a fight with another prisoner on 17th July. He’s believed to have passed away does to the wounds of the fight, but apparently, the prison officials are still exploring that incident.

Corey went on stating that there are coronavirus patients inside the prison. And according to Corey, these infected people are not getting any proper medication and this fact had been fuel on the fire to the outbreak.

A full building of the prison is dedicated to corona patients. They are isolated but are not getting any kind of medical treatments. Ware state prison holds around 1500 prisoners inside and only 15 handling officers are available for a shift to handle them all. When interviewed a few of the inmates, they confirmed that die tp the fact mentioned above, the whole prison is in agitation.

According to the officials at GDC, there have been 2 coronavirus deaths at the prison while around 30 workers and 20 prisoners have been infected by the infection.

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