“This Pandemic Will Get Worse Before Getting Better” – U.S. President


Donald Trump, The U.S. President, believes that this pandemic situation will get far worse before heading towards getting better. He mentioned this on July 21, last Thursday, when he appeared on an interview of a public news channel.

The U.S. is in a dangerous fight against the Covid-19 virus. Infected people are rising sky up hand in hand with deaths. Everyone in the world is cautious about how the U.S. president will power down this situation.

Trump In Mask
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This was Trump’s first time coming on stage after April, where he suggested injecting disinfectant into infected people. He appeared on TV previously without a face mask dispiriting everyone from wearing a mask. But, now he’s inviting people to be more careful, maintain social distance and wear face masks. Trump, for example, produced a mask out of his pocket, but everybody noticed that he did not wear it.



Despite his previous remarks, recently Trump has been encouraging people to show loyalism towards the country, saying wearing masks does have a good result. “Be safe, be smart”, he says.



The national presidential election is soon coming aboard in November this year, and it is believed to be the course of the change of direction on the President’s behavioral change.

Opposing challenger Joe Biden commented on how miserable the present president is at controlling these situations, adding that Trump has given up on everyone including their country.

‘He’s quit on you, he’s quit on this country”; outlashed Joe Biden.

Joe Biden
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White House administration believes that now with his recent encouragement on following safety procedures against the Coronavirus, Donald Trump has given people a reason to trust him in leadership again.

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