New Coronavirus Cases Emerged In New Zealand After 102 Days 

New Coronavirus Cases Emerged In New Zealand After 102 Days 

Around three months ago, New Zealand proudly informed the world that they were free from the newest virus — Covid19. But, last Tuesday, they have found a family who was infected by the virus. This information was publicized by Jacinda Ardern, the PM of the country.

There were four recorded cases of the virus, and all four patients were found at one house in Auckland. The authorities have got the information via an undisclosed source. Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest municipality. Therefore, the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, informed people that the city would be moved as a 3rd level city from Wednesday until the end of Friday. People living in Auckland are to remain at their houses, and shops will be closed down.
They will use these three days of isolation to evaluate the condition and expect to collect more data to pinpoint exactly how the virus started again. They are to conclude how they need to respond to the newest situation according to the data they collect.
No one was allowed in or out of the city; if not, they were residents of the area going back to their hometown. The whole country other than Auckland will be named 2nd level and no massive events to be held anywhere, and people are advised to maintain a proper distance when they are in public areas.
The case was initially identified when one of the people of the family went to a medical center. The person was in his 50s, and he was suffering from symptoms of covid19. There were six more people in the family, and 3 of them came out positive when the tests were done. This information was alighted to the public by Ashley Bloomfield, The general director of health.
The New Zealand people never wore face masks as a routine even though the officials were always warning them to carry one all the time. They had the country locked down as quickly as they can. At the time of the lockdown, there were only 100 virus patients in the country, and that stopped it from running freely around the country.

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