North Carolina Shakes From The Most Forceful Earthquake – 5.1 In Magnitude 

North Carolina Shakes From The Most Forceful Earthquake - 5.1 In Magnitude 

North Carolina, Sparta, faced an earthquake on 9th August this year at its full force. 5.1 in magnitude, this quake’s damage only seconds to the one that happened closer to the Skyland, NC, in February 1916. That shake had a magnitude of 5.2. So, this was the biggest one that Carolina faced a century later.

This earth tremor happened around 8 in the morning yesterday. It succeeded in causing damages to many properties, including houses and commercial sites.
The disastrous quake in the county of Alleghany is around 43 km away from Mount Airy and 86 km from Winston-Salem.

No lives were damaged during the incident, but residents from the area posted their damaged properties on social media. Luckily, they were all small destructions. Roads in the area where the earthquake occurred were also cracked. Not only the Alleghany, but Tennessee, Virginia witnessed the tremble, and Georgia too.
Before the significant 8 am shaken happened, five other small quakes were recorded, including a one with 2.2 on Saturday around the same time.
Professionals are still working to understand the cause of the quake, and it could even take years before they come up with results. Their initial conclusion was that such a shake in N.C. is out of the ordinary. They have also warned the citizens about after shakes, even though they will be of much fewer forces.
When history is taken into consideration, the triangle shake happened in the area consisting of a magnitude of 5.8, and they had to clear out parts of Washington, D.C.
The one in 1916 left chimneys hof houses to crash down, leaving people to panic and run outside.
For more history, click here.

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