Jasmine Archer, “Miss Swimsuit UK”, Loses Her Position

Jasmine Archer - Miss Swimsuit UK - Loses Her Position

23 Years old Jasmine Archer — Jones, is the star champion of the contest – “Miss Swimsuit UK” 2019/20. After a post she uploaded on her Facebook account regarding the current situation on black lives, she lost all her rights to the title.

This was advertised on June 3rd. In her post, she had held out that not only black lives, but all lives matter while also announcing that in many criminal activities, ”Black on Black Crime” was involved. Archer-Jones also addressed Floyd’s incident and implied he was guilty of crimes.

Jasmine Archer-Jones

When organizers of the UK Swimsuit contest were informed, they rid her of all the rights to the title, also removing every piece of proof of her from their official website.

George Floyd was helpless when he got murdered in front of many eyes. But, this swimsuit model was asking for solid evidence for his innocence. She regarded all ongoing protests on black lives as meaningless. After a while, she took down her post from her account.

Jasmine Archer-Jones/Facebook

George Floyd was forced on the ground after pulling a stunt when police went to get him inside the police car. He got unconscious as he was crying for mercy, saying that he cannot breathe. — BBC Reported.

Darnella Frazier/Facebook

In this exact post, she recalled the USA President’s words which say ”white people have lost their lives more than Black.” It’s true, but when comparing numbers, the white population largely exceeds black people.

PA Images

Jasmine Archer’s Facebook post informed it’s her ”personal opinion” and if someone is against it, refrain from reading. But she was immediately eliminated by the contest organizers, claiming they have no connections with her after this whatsoever. They now welcome Kinna Louise — the prizewinner of 2018 as their reigning queen.

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