Mathew Dumba’s Speech For Anti- Racism

Mathew Dumba’s Speech For Anti- Racism

2020 has been a hectic year so far. Unthinkable is happening one after the other. The coronavirus outbreak, protests for black lives, blast in Beirut and who knows what the future will bring?
People are waking up to see what’s going on in the world. Especially the racism is highly unappreciated, as it always should have been. Mathew Dumba, a hockey player who plays for Minnesota Wild as the defenceman, took his chance to talk about this.

Mathew Dumba is 26 years old and was born in Regina. Before he joined the Minnesota Wild team, he played for around three years for Red Deer Rebels. This hokey player knelt during the national anthem of the US was being sung. He took the stage to talk about racism and black lives.

This event happened last Saturday a little before the first game of the National Hockey League starts. He said that now the people of the world are opening up their eyes and understand how deeply rooted this racism problem is. He continued that he and other NHL members want everyone to feel the safety and be comfortable when coming and entering into the stadium to watch a hockey game. He also swore that they would take the right steps to stop anything terrible from happening.

He said that hokey is an exciting game and that when everyone joined hands and are united in treating everyone equal, it will become much more enjoyable.

After his speech, when he knelt, Malcolm Subban and Darnell Nurse joined him. They stood on either side of Dumba with one hand on his shoulder. They are the goalie and defenceman of Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers respectively. Following his speech, Michael Buble played a video of “Oh Canada” and sang along. Dumba respected to that.

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