Are You A Marriage Jackpot Winner? – Check The Facts Below

Are You A Marriage Jackpot Winner? – Check The Facts Below

Being in an affair is completely different from the marriage life. When the affair transforms into marriage, just like the relationship status, people change too. Most of the time, people complain that their significant other doesn’t treat them the same as earlier. It’s common among girls. But, if you’re a woman who has hit the jackpot of marriage, you must have ended up with a very lovely husband. He must be trying hard to make your marriage life interesting and treats you like a queen. To be sure, check out the following facts. If you’re accustomed to these signs, then, consider yourself one lucky woman.

#1 He often expresses his love to you

Most people think that to feel the value, it should be something scarce. Just the same way, they think to express your feelings often, the other person will start to care less.

So most of the time people keep feelings imprisoned in their hearts. And, only come out with it once in a blue moon. They think that by doing that when they say “I love you” their significant other will swoon over it. But no, When you express your love to the other person rarely, what happens is the exact opposite. They will start to doubt your love or that the love and connection between you two are deteriorating.

But girls, if you have husbands who are not afraid of expressing their feelings to you and whispers “I love you” in your ears frequently, you have married the right guy.

#2 Your husband loves and cares for his mom

When a boy grows up to be a man, he often acts like he doesn’t care about anyone. Maybe it was because to show the world he’s strong. He will start ordering people around, even his mom.

Mother is the First Lady that he loved and even the first woman to live together. So if your man still loves and cares for his mom just the same and still remembers how she brought him up, you have nothing to worry. Rest assured knowing that with the time his love for you would not waver.

If he remembers to love and take care of his mom, then he surely will reciprocate the same to you as long as you live.

#3 Flirts with you

Indeed, young boys often flirt with girls using corny pickup lines and other flirty actions. After marriage, this is another thing that changes with all the responsibilities, duties and work-related matter. Life becomes serious. Corny pick up lines and other flirting runs out the window. If your partner, Your husband, still flirts with you just like how it was in good old days, that means despite every seriousness in life, he tries to keep it fun and enjoyable. Be happy, your husband still feels young in his heart.

#4 You’re his top priority

There are so many things in life that need your full attention no matter what else is going around you. Being each other’s partners, if the other one is not there for you when you need him the most, then there’s going to be so many conflicts in life. But, if your husband, the one you chose to spend the rest of the life is ready to leave everything else when you needed him, then remember he considers you his priority number 1. You did right by choosing him, girl!

#5 He makes boring tasks fun

You must have heard friends or family say that doing things together with their life partner is fun. Cleaning the house, cooking or any other boring work is fun when both of you do it together. He will always make sure that you’re happy and having fun when even you were doing basic and boring tasks. Life is easy.


#6 He pushes you to go higher

There are a group of men who thinks that their wives should remain home doing household work and looking after children. And, there’s another set of men who encourages their wives to go higher, Either if its work-related or studies. Believe, this second category is hard to find. And if your husband pushes you forward, Forces you to do better, then you landed on a jackpot. He’ll do anything to see you succeed.

#7 He’s there to support you when you’re down

A woman has many insecurities than a man. It’s normal to feel upset even at small bad news. Let it be a tiny little problem or a huge one, as your life partner, your husband should be able to be there to support you to console and comfort you. After marriage, the closes’ relation you have in your life is the husband. So be happy if your husband is ready to spend his time on you when your down.

# 8 He works hard for both of you

If your husband can manage so many works and always works hard thinking of creating a bright future for him and you both, then you married a perfect man. You don’t have to worry about bearing everything alone when time gets rough. He’ll be a shoulder for you. A hard-working man is like a four-leaved clover.

#9 He gives you surprises

Are a girl’s biggest weakness. If your husband makes you happy through even the smallest surprise, that means he’s trying to convey his love through his actions. Sudden long drives, Dinner reservations, Anniversary surprises or even a random bar of chocolate is a way that proves you have a loving husband.

#10 He praises and complements you

Everyone needs complements to keep going. Words like “you did good!”, “You look so beautiful”, “You’re the best cook” are sudden energy boosters. But, most husbands don’t understand how important it is to give their wives complements. By praising not only they are making you feel loved but also, gives you the energy to keep going.

If the partner you chose to share life with is doing every one of these things, WOW!, You’ve hit jackpot. It’s your responsibility to reciprocate the same love to them too.

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