Most Awaited male Love-Dolls Are Now A Reality 

Most Awaited male Love-Dolls Are Now A Reality 

Love-dolls are becoming a way of living in this century. Even years after the first introduction, the demand for these fantasy dolls, are still in full swing. The technology used in these dolls reached its max, even allowing people to “sleep” with these robots. The only matter was the gender of the doll. Up until now, there only have been female versions of love-dolls and not male. It’s like restricting women from using robots to fulfil their dreams and fantasies. But, “Synthetic”, A US robotic company, has succeeded in filling this void. They have created a robot, the exact male version of the female doll. This fantasy doll was designed and created by Matt Krivicke and Bronwen Keller.
This idea has attracted many buyers to the company who wants to get their fantasies to come true. There’s no doubt that this prince in shining armour will sweep the damsel in distresses off their feet.

Love robot

All you have to do is call the Synthetic and place an order for a doll. Inform them about your interests, likes and dislikes and to create the doll more specific, give them information about your inner-most desires. What’s fun is that you can customize the doll 100% to match your desires. From head to toe, every detail of the human-like body is customizable, even the feel of its skin, when you touch your doll. And, in the end, you create the guy that you see in your dreams. The longest it will take is 24 hours to create the silicone body of the doll, and it will be at your home to make your desires come true, sooner than you would ever anticipate.

Love robot

According to the details that you have supplied the company, they will craft a silicone doll for you that can give you the maximum satisfaction in “EVERYWAY”.
100% customizable means another thing. The price tag will be heavy. Although the price starts at $13000, those 5 digits have done nothing to stop people from lining up to buy their dolls. Demand is rising above limits.

The company, “Synthetic”, have given the female population a chance to fulfil their fantasies too.

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