Jason Mamoa And Lisa Bonet Talks About Their Family 

Jason Mamoa And Lisa Bonet Talks About Their Family 

There are so many types of gossips about celebrities. The most famous is about relationships. Their relationships (most of the time) are not durable. But, some lucky ones found true love. Now they are leading happy and healthy lives with each other. Starting an affair or relationship with someone is easy. But, entering marriage, life is hard. People like Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet Found their paths together. Now they are going stronger with a daughter and a son. It should be mentioned that these celebrity parents are proud of their offsprings.

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So, now you must be wondering about the insides of their lives. You are lucky. They have talked about their lives and family, and that’s what we’re bringing you today.
Scroll down to read what Jason and Lisa revealed about them.

Free of media

Lisa Bonet, The actress, firmly believes that their children should grow up without corrupting their imagination. So, TV is prohibited for them. She let them live their lives without unnecessary impacts they could face when they use media. She loves to watch how they make rockets with papers and play with them instead of doing nothing and sitting in front of the TV for hours. She wants them to have strong imagination skills. She told this to Essence at an interview in 2014.

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Zoe Kravitz

Lisa Bonet has another child, a girl, actually a woman. That’s Zoe Kravitz. Now she’s 31 years old and married. She’s the child from Lisa’s former marriage. Even though Zoe is married and now independent of her parents, Lisa still talks about her. Lisa’s proud of her just the same as her other children.

She explained about her saying that Zoe is a woman who knows how to balance her life well and said that she’s not even a bit worried about her decision-making. She knows that her daughter knows to separate milk from water.


Lisa went on, saying how funny and thoughtful Zoe is about everyone and everything.
Not only Lisa but her husband, Jason Mamoa, also talks highly about his family and children. He’s a very caring father. His words he shared with Entertainment Tonight, is enough to show everyone how protective he is.

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Both the girls matter the same to him. He swore that he would not stay and watch if someone is to meddle with his son and daughter. He left it as a warning to everyone. He revealed his protective side to media in 2017. He continued, saying that his children still haven’t had any chance to witness this side of his, and he’d like to see it remain the same.

”Papa Bear, ” he addressed himself. As per ” Baywatch, ” his kids are the two loves of his life. Even when he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a father. He revealed to Outside, a documentary. Maybe the responsibility excites him? This revelation happened in November of that year

Jason Momoa/Instagram

Before and after having children

Jason Mamoa said that before having his two lovely kids, he was kidding around being bad-ass. And, also confessed that he was out of control. But now, with all the responsibility of bringing up children, had changed him. Now, he’s more calm and caring and not wasting time anymore. He went on saying that he now takes good care of himself too and love himself more. He is not selfish. He knows that it needs to be done if he wants to stay long around his children. Jason proves that he’s a great father who knows the value of time. He continued on Men’s Health and said that his babies are the most significant art he ever produced. Like Lisa, he wants to fill them up with art and music and watch how they perform. Bringing up his kids to be great and good is his goal.

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Lisa said Net-A-Porter on 2018 March that her family is amazing. ” fantastic” is the word she used. It’s overflowing with love, and they are all bonded and blended up, creating a nice mixture.
Like how the mother enjoys giving life without any media stress and enjoying them having proper kid-time, the father is like that too. He revealed to E! News that he loves spending time with his children. Especially the time spent together reveling in nature is highly appreciated by him. He loves climbing rocks, playing on dirt with kids, and generally loves spending time with his babies. Not only the kids but also with his wife.
When Kelly Ripa praised Mamoa’s kids in 2018, he passed the credit to his wife. He said that their kids are where they are today because of his wife, Bonet.

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Birthday celebrations

Many birthday celebrations of celebrities are happening to show off their wealth. But some people enjoy spending birthdays with each other in a meaningful way. This family is such a one. On Lola’s birthday in 2019, which was in July, the whole family — Mamoa, Lola, Bonet, and Nakoa — have gone to watch a movie. That was Lion King. Mamoa was so attracted to the film that he later said he cried right in front of his kids. He also wrote below a picture that he uploaded in his Instagram account ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVEE.” This picture was of him and Lola.
In a world where people throw out money to show off, this family bonded more together and closer. The time is not wasted.

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Supportive in every way

Zoe is Jason Mamoa’s stepdaughter. And her husband is his step son-in-law. We all know stories about step-parents, and children have gone wrong. But, this time it’s different. Zoe can be Mamoa’s stepdaughter, but he supports her big time. In 2019, July to be exact, she posted a photo of Karl Glusman, her husband. The specialty of the picture was that Karl’s hair was pink. And the big fan, step-dad, commented on the post supporting them. ” sexy Motherf****r,” he said.

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His supportive character does not end there. He supports in Zoe’s healthy, private life and also her career. When the news was released about getting the Catwoman character in the movie, he showed his support. He mentioned that he’s so proud of her in a photo on Instagram. He addressed her as ” Zozo Bear.” It happened in 2019 in October.

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Zoe, who’s using ” Big Little Lies” as her username on Instagram, commented back saying, ” I love you, Papa Bear.” Isn’t it so cute? They share so much love in this family, caring for each other and watch their backs too. Catwoman and Aquaman have also fit together in their family puzzle.

Courtesy of Jason Momoa/Instagram
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