A Floridian Church Invites People To Get Infected By “God’s Holy Corona”

A Floridian Church Invites People To Get Infected By

”Join Us And Be Infected By God’s Holy Corona”. This was the sign that was put up in front of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Florida.

This Area, Florida, is greatly affected by the recent pandemic. Here, Coronavirus cases have exceeded 300,000, and as of July 17th, more than 4000 lives were lost to the virus.
Considering the present situation in the area, this sign that was put up by the church has aroused anger and disgust in people’s minds. One of them expressed his thoughts, saying the church must feel ashamed of what they have done.

Pen News

A housewife, Danielle Ross, who lives near the church, said that she was utterly disgusted. — WEAR TV — Local News.Danielle Ross

People couldn’t believe how a church could get this foolish. David Marquardt, Another citizen, said that he himself went there to clearly clarify that the rumors were true. He was informed of this by one of his friends. And when he got there, he could not believe his eyes.

An ordained minister of the church later told the reporters that what people have understood is wrong. There is a different meaning behind the words they have put on the board, it seems. He further explained that what they meant was, for people to believe in Jesus and his love for all. Also, he added, that they put up the sign in order to encourage people to come to the church more often.Deacon

Whatever the meaning they meant by the words, this signboard has conveyed the exact opposite, earning people’s disgust towards the church. This Westminster church later changed the wordings to ” Join Us For god’s Good News”.

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