Teenage Girl Avenges Parents’ Death By Killing The Responsible Talibans

Teenage Girl Avenges Parents' Death By Killing The Responsible Talibans

The Taliban and the Afghan Government have been in combat for almost 20 years. The last week of June was the worst so far. 291 Afghan force members got killed along 550 getting severed. — VOA News.
Following is the Tweeter message left by Afghan NSC.Tweeter MessageConsidering the recent events that happened between terrorists and the government, what this teenage girl did, is a ”hero-work.”

Afghan Army
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This family lived in Ghor Province, Geriveh. Her parents (mostly her father), support the government against militants. They have publicized many comments against the taxes collected by the Taliban. Due to this, the family has faced many death threats.

Heroic Girl

When the terrorists were beating up her parents mercilessly after pulling them out of their house, the young girl (aged around 14-16) armed herself with an AK-47 gun they have at home. She had shot down two of the Taliban to death and severed many others. Unfortunately, both her parents passed away. This wasn’t the first time they were beaten up. — ABC News.

When the other neighbors saw what was happening, they helped this girl and her small brother to chase them away. The children have been taken to the provincial capital to keep them safe. — The Guardian.

Afghan Army
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After her heroic actions, a photo of her holding the gun went viral on the internet, especially on Facebook. This post got many comments of approval by the rest of the world for her bravery.

Thoughts of children holding guns to protect themselves are such a tragedy. We must hope that light will once again shine in Afghanistan soon, ending all the misery.

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