If Pants Don’t Cover Fart Smell, Why Wear Face Masks, Asks Californian Lady

If Pants Dont Cover Fart Smell, Why Wear Face Masks. - A Californian Lady.

With the novel Coronavirus outbreak, wearing face masks is mandatory all around the world. There are more than 4 million infected people and around 150,000 deaths only in the U.S.
The situation is worse, and we are responsible for our own health. But, here we are talking about humans. When considering the recent events, there are mainly two groups of them. One, people who feel the responsibility of staying healthy. The next, people who don’t understand the seriousness of the situation.

Lady At The Bakery
Jam Press

The second group, however, goes to many places and creates scenes. This lady is one of them. Her reason for not wearing a face mask is, ” if pants don’t cover the odor of farts, why do we need to wear masks?”.

Lady At The Bakery
Jam Press

Following is the video recorded by one of the customers of the bakery

This ”smart” lady was spotted in the Panera Bread branch in Chico, Calfornia, on 20th July. The bakery staff refuses her purchases because she’s not wearing a face mask. She was even provided with a surgical mask by one of the staff members. Though she holds it throughout the scene, she never puts it on.

The Newsweek explained how an employee from the bakery commented on this.Bakery Staff Comments

Lady At The Bakery
Jam Press

When William See, the person who recorded the event, scolds her to put on the mask, she turns around and blows on him. Then she leaves the store accusing “when you fart you can still smell it through your trousers. You think wearing masks will protect you?” (Not her exact words though you can check it out on the video).

Lady At The Bakery
Jam Press

If someone thinks asking you to wear a mask is an insult to you, then you need to stop being childish and grow up.

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