Wildlife Photographer Captures Discarded Facemask Entangled In Falcon’s Claws

A Discarded Facemask Entangled In Falcon's Claws – A Wildlife Photographer Captures

After the outbreak of the recent coronavirus pandemic, the mask usage went up. Now almost all the people in the world wear them. While some use reusable facemasks others go for disposable ones. By wearing the face cover, we get protected by the disease. But, what are the side effects?

Hundreds and thousands of disposable covers are improperly discarded everywhere. Now the things we use for our protection has become a threat to the environment. Not only do these wrongly discarded facemasks pollute the surrounding, but they majorly affect all other animals too. They swallow the garbage and even gets choked to death.


This is one of such incident where Steve Shipley, a wildlife photographer, wanted to capture photographs of a 3-4 weeks old falcon in its habitats. To fulfill his desire, he traveled to northern parts of the Yorkshire. This is when he spotted the unfortunate scene.


The innocent little bird had its talons entangled in something blue. First, he assumed it’s carrying a plastic bag or something. But, when he closely inspected the photos he captured with his camera eye, he noticed it was a disposable facemask. The poor bird’s claws were tangled in it. He believes that the tourists of the area have disposed of the covers irresponsibly.


Maybe, the bird thought this was something eatable. This bird survives mostly on small birds and animals such as squirrels and mice. It can reach a speed up to 200 mph while hunting, earning the title of the fastest bird.

Anyway, we use these face covers for our protections and it’s our responsibility to get rid of them properly without harming nature. It’s the least we could do to protect our mother earth.

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