An Explosion At Baltimore Takes One Life While Wounding Several Others 

An Explosion At Baltimore Takes One Life While Wounding Several Others 

Three consecutive houses were reduced to dust and debris by a major explosion that happened earlier this week.

Officers are still examining the scene, and emergency workers dig through it to find if there is anyone trapped underneath. The cause is thought to be of a gas leakage but, the gas company says there have been no leaks from the pipes.

The Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, the largest gas provider in Baltimore, also added that there had been no smells of gas in the area before the blast. They have reported that their company will continue to examine their pipes furthermore.Blast At BaltimoreAll three houses were dusted out by the explosion, and eyewitnesses have spoken out what they saw. Dean Jones, a neighbor, explained that it was like witnessing ” a bomb explosion.” He also added that the explosion had left several damages to the neighborhood too. Dean Jones had told this to  CNN affiliate WJZ , and he was sitting out on his porch when the incident happened.Gathered people

Neighboring people had already started working out on saving the casualties as soon as the blast broke out. They told the media that they heard cries for help from many sides and that it was crazy. Jones also said that he listened to the hiss of a gas pipe leaking.

There had been explosions earlier in this area due to gas outflows, including a shopping mall building in Maryland. Since the Baltimore gas company covers more than 7,500 miles with its natural gas pipes for more than 650,000, they will at least take 20 more years if they are to replace these pipes. They were initially placed in 1960, and as of 2020, they are 60 years old. This information was reported by The Baltimore Sun, in 2019 September.

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