Everyone needs to chill out about Apple’s new iMac charging cable

Will Apple release a new iMac in 2020?
Will there be a new iMac in 2019?

Apple’s new iMac charging cable

“We created a new power connector that attaches magnetically so it’s quick and easy to connect,” said Colleen Novielli of Apple’s Mac marketing team.


The 24-inch iMac features Apple's design.
The 24-inch iMac features Apple’s design.

20th April 2021, Apple announced good news for every user who is looking for a new iMac upgrade. Finally, they decided to upgrade the iMac! during the Spring-loaded event, Apple announced the new iMac will be available to order from Friday 30th of April.

The upgraded iMac design and new iMac charging cable are more flexible for Apple’s users rather than the previous one. The new iMac has a completely flat back than the previous curved rear.

 iMac has state-of-the-art connectivity for data and devices. They created a new power connector that attached fantastically, so it’s simple and fast to connect. Power cables are main computer components that don’t need to be proprietary, allowing them to work just as well while costing less.

That’s why most people prefer the three-prong power cords. It plugs into the back of older-generation iMacs or standard USB-C cables for MacBooks.

The 24-inch iMac features Apple's unique power cable Port.
The 24-inch iMac features Apple’s unique power cable design.

Proprietary power cables and chargers are a big problem for the computer industry. When you lose one on a business trip, they are difficult to replace. They fill up after you upgrade. They are often more expensive than standard parts. 

Proprietary Lightning and MagSafe cables from Apple offer some features, but I must take a big advantage before saying they are worth it.

Even the power adapter in the iMac gets a new design with a retro feel – a power connector that connects magnetically like the old MagSafe cable in the old MacBook.

The iMac power cable is powered by a 24-inch M1 and has a power adapter with an Ethernet port.
The iMac power cable is powered by a 24-inch M1 and has a power adapter with an Ethernet port..

 iMac’s new charging cable is 2 meters long, has a color-matched woven cable that leads to a small power adapter that can be placed on the floor behind your desk. Check out this cool innovation for Ethernet that connects to the adapter and runs through the power cable and keeps your desktop less cluttered.

Do You Believe! there are some problems with the magnetic cable on the IMac

The iMac new charging cable setting is not perfect. If you lose the cable during a step if your puppy snatches it up or pulls the cables. you will have to pay another hefty cost to replace it – a common problem in my history with Apple Cables.

Apple, which did not respond to a request for comment on the story. They have not yet revealed how much the replacement will cost.

Some people on Twitter are not satisfied with the new iMac charging cable. Why do you need a complex magnetic connector for a computer that is not going to remove much, or if you go through the cable and disconnect it, there is no battery to keep it running.

Apple has added power and Ethernet to its new iMac via a single USB-C cable. This is especially helpful if it allows you to use Ethernet active power bricks with the MacBook.

It seems to me that the cable magnet connector is too large to serve as a third-generation mag safe. But it could show that Apple is interested in reviving its magnetic power connector – a rumor spread for future MacBooks.

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