Five major Events From PGA Championship – Round 1 

Five major Events From PGA Championship – Round 1 

Because of the coronavirus, many big events got postponed. One such event is the PGA championship. Last Thursday, the long holiday season ended, and all the best players met up at the TCP Harding Park in San Francisco. The followings are some big events of round 1.

Jason Day, the former golf champion is back

32 years old player became the PGA champion in 2016 and got in the first place from all the players in the world. Every golf fan knows about Jason Day. After winning the championship, he went off the road and hasn’t been seen for a while. Last Thursday, he too was back, after dealing with some issues.

He had gone down to number 42 in leaderboards after years of not playing. But, he was back on number 1 on Thursday with only Brendon Todd to share the spot.

Only the players, no fans

They can’t let the public to gather around due to COVID-19 risks still being around. Players usually get an energy boost by seeing the gathered up fans, and they say a major becomes a true major when there are fans around to cheer up. Day confirmed this. He said that he misses playing in front of his dear fans. But, some players like Brooks Koepka said that it’s not that much of a difference. Because, he’s well aware that he’s playing in a major, he gets that vibe in him.

From a distance

Despite being a municipal one, the ground is of players’ favor this time. Goals were taken from many feet far grass are flatter, and the ground is Slightly wet, and it’s all in favor of players to play great. Not just a few, many players were rocking the condition with 30t feet distance.
Martin Kaymer, Tommy Fleetwood, Tiger Woods are some players who killed some long shots.

The topic of the day — Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau has put on some bulk and even achieving a far distance. On the 7th tee, he broke his golf club bat. Luckily he was allowed to get a replacement, which increased his distance from 320 yards to 339 yards.

He said to ESPN that he had been using that same shaft for more than a year without any problem. He always made the moment memorable; the only thing that he still hasn’t achieved is a major title.

Jordan Spieth and his struggles

The 27 years old player won a PGA title at British open in 2017. And none after that. He had been going down the hill with no improvement ever since. He’s now at the 62nd place from world-round players. Last Thursday was no different, and he went down to the 109th place. Let’s wish that he’ll come up eventually because 27 is still young, and there are so many years ahead.

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