This Dog Learned To Climb The Ladder To Jump In The Pool

This Dog Learned To Climb The Ladder To Jump In The Pool.

Everybody loves to relax in the water. Let it be the beach, pool, or even a lake or a river, no one would miss it without even dipping their toes.
Not only us humans, but animals enjoy water too.

Pool and Kids

This story is about such a dog. It’s a German Shepherd who loves water so much. Well, not an entirely German Shepherd, but it has a husky mix too.

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Named Elliot, this fur ball loves swimming. But, as much as it would like the pool, there is an obstacle. The pool is a few feet above the ground. So, Elliot has to climb around four steps to get into the pool. But this ladder was not able to hold Elliot back.

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Even though he could not just run and jump in the water, Elliot did not hesitate to learn a new trick.

Elliot slowly but carefully taught himself how to climb the steps. His owner succeeded in recording the whole thing. He takes one step at a time, carefully examining if he’s doing it alright before getting to the top and thrashing in the pool, head first.

This is the video caught by Elliot’s owner.

After having a few rounds of swims like an Olympic champion star, Elliot climbs the ladder back down before shaking himself dry.

YouTube Screenshot

His curious, brave, athletic skills kick in, and considering that German Shepherds and huskies are naturally playful, it’s no wonder. However, after a pool dip, canine friends should be cleaned off with tap-water to avoid any possible infections that can be caused by chlorine.

YouTube Screenshot

This dog captured everyone’s hearts with his smart, curious antics.

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