A Disastrous Windstorm Outbreaks In Chicago With A Speed Above 70mph 

A Disastrous Windstorm Outbreaks In Chicago With A Speed Above 70mph 

” Particularly dangerous” warning was issued by the storm prediction division of National Weather Service in the prime hours of the afternoon on Monday, 10th August. The message included and warned people to be aware of a thunderstorm that can reach up to 100mph.

The derecho, AKA destructive winds that pass through with extreme speeds, hit many parts of the country. It had an average speed of 75-80mph but, at Iowa the rate reached up to 100 mph, causing severe damages.


Eastern Iowa to Wisconsin had to face the damages caused by the windstorms. By eight o’clock in the night, the storm was moving towards Ohio with a decreasing intensity. Trees were brought down, and over a million people had a cut down on electricity.

Mark Hume/Chicago Tribune via AP

Even though, the intensity was dropping below the levels naked ” dangerous”, Kentucky (Western) to Missouri (SouthEast) was considered an area where severe hails can occur throughout the midnight. Chicago also had a warning for high winds till seven o’clock at night. The area around Lake Michigan had rececived warning messages for floods because these winds can build up big waves that can come out on to the land.

Nick Coltrain/The Des Moines Register/AP

The people were asked to consider the warnings as of a tornado. And they were asked to stay inside better yet basements. Officials had also released many Twitter messages advising people about what to do during the storm.

Lisbon, however, did have to deal with a tornado that had a speed of more than 62mph.

Kelsey Kremer/The Des Moines Register/AP

These winds were not the first time that this area had to barrel with Derechos this year. Since June, these winds were poking in this area, causing severe destruction to properties.

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