Dad Gorilla Gets Annoyed At His Son’s Antics

Dad Gorilla Gets Annoyed At His Son’s Antics.

Twycross Zoo in the UK proudly showcases a gorilla family – the serious-looking dad Oumbi and Lope, the funny kid. They are both Silverback gorillas, from Western parts of Africa. Tragically, their species is listed “critically endangered.”

Lope, the little one, enjoys playing funny. But, the big-dad was trying to rest. Even though the dad was resting, Lope keeps playing around annoying Oumbi. The video that the zoo of Twycross published capturs the whole scene.

Goofy Lope
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Much to Oumbi’s dislike, Lope would not stop playing around. Visitors of the Zoo that day were lucky to encounter Lope’s funny little act. Oumbi doesn’t pay attention to what the kid was going on about but, he keeps resting under a shed in their enclosure; looking bored out of his mind. We’re pretty sure of what he’s thinking right now. “Come on son, chill out! I’m trying to rest here, can’t you see?.”

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Nope. Lope isn’t buying any of that. He runs around playing with wood hay, kicking and turning sometimes. An article was written by Kate Wong to the Scientific American magazine saying, 99% of our human DNA matches with that of chimpanzees and bonobos. Trailing behind that were gorillas, at a DNA matching rate of 98%.

So, no wonder why these animals were acting out the scene perfectly from the “Tired-dad and the Goofy-son” show. They both look and act so much like us, humans. In the video, it shows how Lope is trying to grab his dad’s attention by kicking the other side of the shed that his dad was resting.

Annoyed Dad
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Then to everyone’s amazement, Oumbi grabs a handful of Hay wool and thunks it on his head, trying to satisfy Lope’s goofy needs. Oumbi might have expected his son to leave him alone to rest after that but, his expectation was a little too much for Lope, as he was still giving a show to the gathered crowds, throwing hay on his head and spinning while making different faces.

Annoyed Dad
YouTube Screenshot

Check out the video that was published by the Zoo showing this interaction

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