Cities Of California Gets Into Cannabis Business To Fulfill Money Needs 

Cities Of California Gets Into Cannabis business To FulFill Money Needs 

This recent pandemic of Covid-19 has left many people to face financial problems. Many employees lost their jobs due to the lack of cash flow inside businesses, and some other companies shut themselves down completely. Financial problems among people lead to decreased tax income for local governments.
Californian cities are facing this problem head-on right now. And they have found their solution in the cultivation of cannabis.

Pexels/Michael Fischer

Even though they have legally confirmed marijuana in this state, more than 50% of the cities are yet to welcome it due to bad advertisements and other legal concerns. Cities that banned pot business is changing their views about it and joining hands with others. Even council members are voting in favor of advancements of this field. San Bruno, San Bernadino county are such cities. A research done by BDS Analytics came up with a result showing that both unlicensed and legal marijuana operations collected a total revenue of around $12 billions before tax.

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Monterey County, a city that has come up okay with cannabis, has foreseen that tax revenue will exceed $10 million. That was only from that city. And they hope that income will help them to cover losses they faced due to the pandemic.

Steve Lavagnino, the supervisor of the considered county, expressed his thoughts regarding this matter. He says that there could be only a little support from the political side and negative news reports. But, when the budget of the year is taken into consideration, going forward with this new business idea is certainly worth it.

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