A Jungle Blue Butterfly Gave This Baby A Present With Its Wings

A Jungle Blue Butterfly Gave This Baby a Present With Its Wings

Nature is an expert artist. She has created things that are rough, scary as well as smooth and sweet. Babies and butterflies fall to the second category. But have you seen these two interacting before? Butterflies are a very delicate insect type and will evade as soon as it sees a human because maybe, they see humans as a threat.
Of course, it’s a very rare incident to see a child and a butterfly getting in contact. But one lucky baby girl did have a marvelous encounter with a butterfly at the San Diego Zoo. A jungle blue butterfly suddenly came and rested on top of this baby’s head.

Butterfly on Baby

Babies are always curious about their surroundings. This baby girl looks at ease with the butterfly sitting on top of her head. Even though she’s oblivious to what’s going on, she does feel the insect that’s fluttering on top of her head. But still, she doesn’t make any moves to get rid of it.

Butterfly on Baby

This beautiful big blue butterfly kept its wonderful wings closed most of the time. but, When it opens its wings, it looks like the baby was wearing a large brilliant blue hat.

It was a very new and exciting experience for the parents too. Although this baby would not understand anything at the moment, she will feel many emotions when she looks at the memories when she is a little older. It was like the butterfly knew that it will come to no harm if it lands on top of the baby’s head. These occasions are very rare and also memories for a lifetime.

Butterfly on Baby

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