One Year Old Boy Killed At A Family BBQ – Investigaton Continues

One Year Old Boy Killed At A Family BBQ - Investigaton Continues

The tragic incident of a baby killed at a family BBQ shook the entire New York. This took place last Sunday, July 12th, a little after 11.30 pm. The little boy, Davell Gardner Jr. Was with his family that night, having dinner out, at the time they got shot.

Three more elders alongside the kid were injured. Men were shot in the ankle, pelvic, and leg while the baby got shot in the abdomen by two men wearing all black. Their conditions were non-critical though the baby was painfully pronounced dead. — Reported by ABC7.

The news report below gives further insight.

This family hasn’t had any previous disagreement, or no words have been uttered with the shooters. They have appeared suddenly and attacked them.


The boy breathed his last at Maimonides Medical Center after getting transferred by another hospital. Still, no one has been arrested by the police for this murder.

The Mayor, Bill de Blasio, expressed his deepest sympathy towards little Davell and accused the higher number of guns used by the community as a whole along with the police departments.Mayor Bill

There have been 11 violent firings in the same city, and 16 people have been severed. — ABC News. There have been 223 shootings in the last month and more than 300 people have become victims. This is a major increase of 200% says the NYPD.

Donations are made against the injustice that happened to the little Kid at GoFundMe. You can contact Cruse Bereavement Care to announce any violent activity you faced or encountered on their hotline 0808 808 1677.

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