Study Finds Out That A Man’s Body Can Hold In Heaps Of Meals “Remarkably Well”

A Study Has Found That A Man’s Body Can Hold In Heaps Of Meals “Remarkably Well”

University of Bath carried out a study to see how a man’s body reacts when a massive pile of food were eaten in one meal.

For anyone who is struggling to maintain a curvy and a healthy body, seeing mouthwatering food is torture. People will count the calories before eating their meals and look away from greasy/cheesy meals.


This research done by the university included a few men from age 25-37. These people were provided with pizza and asked to eat up until they are pleasantly full. This test was less like a test and more like a weekend night out with friends.


After that, the next step of the test was to push limits and eat until they can eat no more, says Science Focus.

The British Journal Of The Nutrients also published an article on this research. It stated that these men were able to eat almost the double of what they normally eat. That was 2 large pizzas on average. When they were pushing their eating limits that meant doubled calory intake. Even though the intake was doubled, their blood carried a normal level of nutrients and a sugar level with only a 50% increase of insulin compared to normal meals. The only downfall was that they felt sleepy after eating too much.


So, it is confirmed that a healthy young man can cope up greatly well when they occasionally increase their food intake. The study wasn’t focused on women, but the university expects to carry it out between women and old people too including people who are obese.

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Eric Gonsalves
7 months ago