A Black Man Attacked On Leg By A Police Dog – Internal Investigations Continue 

A Black Man Attacked On Leg By A Police Dog - Internal Investigations Continue 

Four months ago, on the 20th of April, the police station of Salt Lake City received a call from a neighbor of a black man named Jeffery Ryans. The Caller said that they hear shouting coming from Jeffery’s house.

When the police got there, the 36 years old Jeffery was getting ready for work and was taking a smoke at the back garden. A body cam recorded the whole scene, and the footage was released later.

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At once, the police jump on him, with a police dog, ordering Ryans to get on the floor. And threatens him if not the dog will bite. Ryans replies that he was just about to leave for work with his hand raised. They continue to order him to get on the ground, and he obeys.
Although Jeffery Ryans had obeyed their orders to get on the floor, one officer leads the dog to pounce on him, shouting ” hit, hit.”

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The police claim that the law-offender was trying to run off by jumping the fence.Attack

Ryans can be heard begging them to stop the dog, even after attacking once the police don’t stop the dog but keep on motivating it. Screams let out by Jeffery can be seen and heard in the footages.

Warning: Sensitive images

The dog was treated for doing good while Jeffery was crying out in pain. When The Salt Lake Tribune interviews him, he pressed that he wasn’t either trying to escape or fighting.

Now, after four months, his injuries are still fresh and have lost his job too. Jeffery has filed a case in resistance to the police officers for the offenses he received.

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His lawyers, Gabriel White and Daniel Garner told that their client had received severe damages including infections and nerve injuries. They are working on getting claims on behalf of Jeffery. Their primary suspicion was the fact that he’s black.

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