A Big Black Bear Naps In A Kiddie Pool – Relaxing Mode On

A Big Black Bear Naps In A Kiddie Pool – Relaxing Mode On

Not everyone is blessed to capture beautiful sceneries every day. Nature, Wildlife, Unique, and uncommon natural occurrences are hard to encounter.

But some lucky people are fortunate enough to meet with such things almost every day in their lives. Regina Keller is one such lady. She lives in a secluded area in Virginia and is not a stranger to the wildlife. And, also has been capturing photos of wild animals for the past 12 years. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have to travel the world to take these shots.

The backyard of her house faces the National Forest of George Washington in Fort Valley. So, every day she gets to look at beautiful animals such as small squirrels, bears, foxes, deer, and many more. They come wandering into her backyard.

On 19th pf July, she was, as usual, watering her plants in her back garden when a big black bear appeared out there. Even though she had many experiences like these, she was astonished when she saw this one. To CNN, she said that it was the most massive bear she had seen during this year. It was a big male, and she remembers that he had been in her garden before, but, hadn’t seen it for the last couple of years.

She has a small kiddie pool in her backyard. She explained her experience, saying that the bear wandered around for a while until he spotted the pool. He went there and put one of his paws into the water. (Checking the temperature maybe?) Then he clambered in, situated himself, and slept there. It seemed like he was relaxing in the pool.

The lady had withdrawn to a nearby chair, with the camera ready to capture the moment. The bear had been sleeping like that for an hour tops. But, was awoken at the sound of her grandkids coming home. Then he had retreated to his home in the forest.

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