Test Of First Autonomous Pilot-Free Airbus Was A Success.

Test Of First Autonomous Pilot-Free Airbus Was A Success.

Modern technology is taking things to new levels each and every day. And now, there will be fully autonomous aeroplanes in the future.
Most of the actions were controlled automatically when the plane is on air. Only the complicated operations such as take-offs and landings were done by pilots until now. But, the airbus named Airbus A350-1000 XWB, passed as the first aircraft to finish off the landing and take off completely by itself. This was the first breakthrough of autonomous pilot-free airbusses.


Not only this particular airbus but, 500 more were used for the tests. Cameras fixed on every part of the plane enables it to recognize images and act accordingly. This technology of recognizing images along with the cameras assembled on the plane controls the decision-making the process of the plane such as the take-offs, flying and landing.

During the process of the system building, the engineers have collected te needed essential data from more than 450 aeroplanes. From the collected data they were able to get the algorithm to function perfectly. They have conducted many take-off and landings using 6 planes that were used for testing with this technology.


The first successful autopilot take-off was carried out last December 2019 at a France airport. The pilots manoeuvred the plane to the runway. The plane ran off down the way and smoothly lifted off to the sky without any human intervention. This project is named autonomous taxi, take-off and landing (ATTOL). In the near future, we will come across pilotless flights to travel.

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