Mikel Arteta’s Efforts Paid off – Arsenal Beats Chelsea For FA Cup 

Mikel Arteta’s Efforts Paid off – Arsenal Beats Chelsea For FA Cup 

When Mikel Arteta first took responsibility for the team, it was in deep troubles. They had things to sort out regarding how they play as well as there were problems off the pitch too. That was in last December.

But now, Arsenal’s have greatly improved. Their team playing skills, Spirit, The way they play, and also their disciplines have gone up. It’s a good rebirth for the team.

At the game held at Wembley, against Chelsea, Pierre — Emerick, the head player of the team, scored two times making them move forward to beat Chelsea. By winning this final game and raising the FA Cup marked the end of a nasty past where they lost countless times, crushing hopes of everyone. And, it opened new opportunities for a better future for Arsenals. That is of course, with the help of Mikel Arteta.

At the winning strike, Arteta fist-pumped the air and praised his players for the effort they put in to run the match to the winning goal. But, it should be the manager of the team that inherits most of the credits. If not for his efforts, this team would be still in the same pit that they once were.

FA Cup

It only takes someone to compare and contrast Arsenal’s game against finals of Europa League in the previous year with this game against the Chelsea to spot how far they have improved, to understand how much change Arteta had done in the team.

After Christian Pulsic’s goal, Arsenal spirits seemed to waver a bit but, after Mikel Arteta gathered them around for a group discussion when the first water break hits, their strength was recharged, and their power and spirits were on full display to the Chelsea as well as to the audience.

It was same what happened at the last game with Chelsea this January when they strike a draw to the match. Even though their players were reduced to 10 as the game continued. When they were playing their way to the finals, the similar things happened majorly when Arsenal won over Liverpool. It was when they were playing at the Emirates stadium.
Mikel Arteta has succeeded in bringing back hopes about Arsenal to their fans. With win after win, now the team reigns in the top of the rank boards showing off how skilled a manager he is. It’s not a miracle, and this is not his first time.

 Dani Caballos

Not only among players, but Arteta is also respected by other coaches such as Pep Guardiola. He succeeded in taking his team to win the semi-finals over Guardiola’s team in a past month. Dani Caballos talked highly about him at an interview with Sky Sports. He stated that Arteta will come on top of the best managers in the world shortly. Dani Caballos is one of the many players who got straightened up by Mikel Arteta. Now he plays a better role in the field that how he did last December when Arteta first took the team under his guidance. Other players who benefited from Arteta includes Granit Xhaka, he was even thrown out of the captain position by Unai Emery at the beginning of the season. One of the other best examples is Shkodran Mustafi. All of these players perform 100 times better now, under Mikel Arteta’s advice.

Even though he forced a lot of problems with limited actions for him to take, he has uplifted the team from zero to a hundred in such a small-time. He has fixed faith in team members who were previously put down by many and his excellent counselling skills drew the team to win FA Cup last Saturday. His job was fantastic.

Mikel Arteta is a coach who knows how to juice out skills, performance and talents from the players. When the Premier League Club team, Arsenal, was first given under the care and guidance of Mikel Arteta, the team lacked Mesut Ozil, Matteo Gvendouzi and Pablo Mari. Mesut and Matteo both had got fouls and Pablo was in, having medicals, and he wasn’t the only one went in that room either. Arteta had brightened up everyone’s spirits even with everything that was going on. He bought back hope including the Premier League Club, the players and the supporters. He had put in the concrete for better days for the team and the win that the team achieved last Saturday was the first milestone for the signs of that future.

Due to the recent pandemic, the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, the digits in the financial reports of the team went down in a high rate and, they were doubting if they will ever be able to afford the European tour. But now, that is confirmed for the team. Their income has risen with multiples allowing the team to better up throughout the summer.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

And the next thing is signing a new agreement with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The player has given no hints about what his future updates are going to be but the coach, Mikel, was feeling positive about this. He said that they will come around to sign a deal with him and after all the events occurred last Saturday, it will lighten up things.
Mikel got in charge of the team at a point where they were useless and hopeless and being dropped out by supporters and financers. But, a little after half a year, he brought it up to a point where everybody wants to support and aid them. Now Arsenals are reigning among top teams again. It’s giving everyone a memory of a fantastic beginning of a new season.

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