This Dating App Allows You To Find Other Cat Lovers

This Dating App Allows You To Find Other Cat Lovers

Most of the time, the pet we love can become a barrier to our love life. If your ”other half” doesn’t like the pet you keep at home, it could lead to many heartbreaks.
This often happens in dating apps. When you find a match, you start getting to know each other by asking many questions. That’s where the problems start. Unmatched / unexpected responses can turn the situations upside down. These special questions can range anywhere from ”are you a smoker or a non-smoker?” to ” are you a cat person or a dog person?”. Having the same interest in pets as the other plays a big role in running a healthy relationship.

Girl With cat

So Tabby, a special dating app for cat lovers, was built by Leigh and Casey Isaacson. With this app, you can get in touch with cat lovers/owners, have ”cat-friendly” dates, connect with cat companies, and even share photos and videos. — According to People.

The reason behind the making of the app is, many cat lovers miss great opportunities at other dating apps. The society mostly sees cat-loving men less manly as of recent research done by a University in Colorado. Many people have faced this situation, including famous stars.

Tabby is designated to be launched on Cat Day this year, that is on August 8th. It will be useful for anyone and everyone to find their perfect match with other cat fellows. This app is the perfect solution for cat lovers who were neglected and rejected by other people and dating apps.

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