The Legendary ABBA Is To Release Five New Songs Next Year

The legendary ABBA Is To Release New Songs Next Year

Everyone knows the four-person Swedish band, ABBA. The last time they released a song was in ’93 and ’94. Those releases were of unpublished songs. The former studio album of ABBA was issued in 1982. So, now it’s been almost 3 decades since they released music.
2020 is a hectic year for everyone, including ABBA. They were planning a reunion this year. But, like all the other plans of everyone worldwide, they too had to cancel their get-together. That was ” thanks” to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

ABBA members have announced that they will be coming out in 2021, refreshed. They have initially planned on releasing two new originals this year. But, because things got postponed to 2021, they will come out stronger, publishing five new songs instead of two.

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Reasons To Be Cheerful podcast program has reached out to one of the four members of this band. They have contacted Björn Ulvaeus, and he has revealed all about this new piece of a surprise to the podcast co-host Geoff Lloyd. Björn Ulvaeus has commented on how they were planning on a reunion with two new songs, but now due to the worldwide pandemic situation, they have postponed everything to the coming new year with three more added songs.

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Björn is currently quarantining on his private island situated in the Stockholm archipelago.
What they have uncovered is a piece of very good news to everyone who loves ABBA.

After 26 years, the memory of them will come alive again, snatching everyone’s hearts as they did once in good old days.

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